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housing.asuw.org is a housing resource created by students to act as a connection between landlords and future tenants. We provide students, faculty, and staff with the tools necessary to find housing and better educate themselves about housing issues.

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housing.asuw.org maintains a searchable online database of local housing listings. This service is provided at no cost to “landlords”, whether you own the residence or not, and many take advantage of the service to reach out to UW community members. All listings are screened by a staff member to ensure the legality of the listing descriptions, among other details.

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housing.asuw.org has a free service that helps landlords advertise their housing to students. You will have to register for a new account, even if you had an account on the previous site. Please refer to our posting policy when preparing your listing. We highly recommend you include images.

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OCHA Dissolution

The ASUW has decided to close the OCHA office. We are currently examining several options to ensure the website and other services remain available. Please click here for more information.